The National Park Service and National Weather Service announce that a new automated weather monitoring station is now operational at one of the most unique locations on the planet, Badwater Basin. The public can view the new weather station’s data online.
Badwater Basin is the lowest point in North America and a popular tourist destination for visitors to Death Valley National Park. The new weather station is at an elevation of 219 feet below sea level. This is 26 feet lower than a similar automated weather station located at Furnace Creek Visitor Center (-193 ft).
The Campbell Scientific weather station measures temperature, humidity, and rainfall. It records weather information at the station and transmits live data to National Weather Service distribution systems by satellite. Badwater station’s weather observations can be viewed at
“People around the world are fascinated by Death Valley’s extreme summer temperatures,” said Abby Wines, park spokesperson. “Now anyone with internet access can compare the temperatures at Badwater and Furnace Creek.”
This equipment will benefit the National Weather Service by providing real-time weather information used in the issuance of life-saving weather warnings. The data also helps improve numerical weather forecast models, and contribute to the climatological monitoring of our atmosphere.
The National Weather Service in Las Vegas, NV (VEF) can be found online at or on Twitter/Facebook at @NWSVegas.

Author: Press Release Date: September 12, 2021